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Adding Live Chat button to a Theme footer

  1. To start integration process, please get your code for live chat button. You can do this on the My Account / Chat Button Codes page in your Provide Support account Control Panel. Select there our recommended 'Fully Featured Chat Button Code with Uploadable Online / Offline Images'.
  2. Then log into your AmeriCommerce admin, select there Storefront and follow Themes in the left menu Screenshot of Americommerce Storefront settings
  3. Select there the part of the theme where you are going to insert the chat button code
  4. Click "Edit" below the theme
  5. We recommend adding the chat button code to the footer. Thus follow Theme / Footer section
  6. Select "HTML Editor"
  7. Insert the chat button code at the bottom of the page with the footer code Screenshot of Americommerce theme HTML editor
  8. Save changes
  9. Adjust the position of the live chat button in your Provide Support account on the Account Settings / Live Chat Window page

Adding Live Chat button with help of a custom widget

  1. Follow steps 1-4 from the previous instruction
  2. In the Theme Editor choose Footer and click "Widgets" there
  3. Add your Custom HTML Widget Screenshot of Americommerce custom HTML widget
  4. Find it in the list of Widgets and click "Edit" button for it
  5. Switch from text editor to HTML editor and insert the code for your live chat button Screenshot of Americommerce custom HTML widget editor
  6. Leave checkboxes "Do not create wrapper div" and "Do not start in WYSIWYG mode" unchecked
  7. Do not modify Widget Identifier. It is automatically generated by the system when a widget is created
  8. Add the name for your widget to the Widget Name field
  9. Leave "Hide Widget" and "Enable Merge Code" checkboxes unchecked
  10. Save changes and check how the live chat button looks on your website Screenshot of live chat button on Americommerce-based website
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