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Choose color and chat window theme

With interactive customizations preview tool you can easily create your chat window design to match your website look and feel. You just need to pick a theme together with color and then check how your chat window, pre-chat and offline forms look in the chat window preview or directly on your website.

Chat window in different colors

Show, hide or edit your logo

It is possible to display your corporate logo in the chat window header. By default this option is disabled. However, you can enable it and upload your logo as .png, .jpg., .gif or .svg image. After you have uploaded the logo, you can resize or crop it if needed. To keep high quality of the image, we recommend choosing the image to fit your chat window width or use .svg image.

You can also choose a logo from our gallery.

Company logos

Update chat window title

In your chat window title you can not only indicate your chat state – online or offline – but also add your company name to make your live chat experience more user friendly.

Chat title for online and offline modes

Greet your customers

By updating your Pre-chat Survey Text and Offline Form Text in your System Messages settings, you can add some friendly greeting or display important information to your customers. For example, you can show your operation hours when your chat is offline or let your customers know about your promo when your chat is online.

Offline form message

Enlarge and customize chat window font

By one mouse click you can enlarge all fonts in your chat window or select the one to fit your website design. We offer a list of most popular Google Fonts so that you can choose the best one for your site. Moreover, if your font is not in the list, you can type the required font name and it will be uploaded. All Google Fonts are supported, you just need to pick the one you need.

Chat window font settings
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