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Provide support live chat window supports a whole bunch of different system messages. Basically, they are blocks of text that accompany certain live chat events, such as for example, the opening of online or offline forms, the start of the chat, chat being accepted or rejected by the operator, files being transferred in the chat room etc.

How to configure system messages

You can edit available system messages at Account Settings / System Messages page in your account Control Panel.

You will find a preset of system messages for different types of events there.

Formatting system messages

You can use html tags to format your messages and make them look nice.

Keep in mind, however, that only basic html formatting is allowed. All other tags, such as DOCTYPE, HTML, HEAD, BODY, TITLE, META, BASE, SCRIPT, NOSCRPT, LINK, FRAME, FRAMESET, IFRAME, XML, OBJECT, EMBED will be automatically removed by the system.

Disabling system messages

If you know you are not going to use some of the messages, there are 2 ways to disable them:

  1. You can simply remove the text of the message from the corresponding text box, so there is nothing to show.
  2. Below each system message you will see the option "Show this message to: Operator; Visitor". By clearing the checkboxes for both the operator and the visitor you will make sure the system message will not be displayed in the chat room.

Personalizing system messages

You can make your system messages look more personal by using dynamic variables. Dynamic variables allow you to add additional information to your system message, such as the visitor's name, the operator's name, the names of the chat participants, department title etc.

Each system message supports only certain variables and not the others and it is up to you whether to use them in your messages or not.

Each system message block will have the Substitutions section, which will explain to you what variables can be used for this particular system message event.

Customizing and translating system messages

Every system message has some piece of text we have added there by default. You can be free with it and edit the texts according to your needs.

You can also translate system messages into any other language and, as mentioned above, you can style and format them using html tags.

Please be careful and keep important information intact. E.g. if you remove DOWNLOAD_URL substitution in Send File Message or disable it completely, your agents and customers won't be able to download files transferred in chat.

"No available operators" message timeout

You will notice that one particular system message called "No Available Operators Message" has an extra timeout setting: "Show this message if the chat call hasn't been accepted for 60 seconds".

The common question we get from our customers, "Can this timeout be increased?". Sometimes the operators may be busy and require more time to pick up another chat.

The answer is, "Yes, absolutely!" You can increase this timeout to the maximum value of 9999 seconds and give your support agents more room for handing incoming chats!

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