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Qualify your leads and prospects

Offer your customers to fill out a survey before the chat conversation to understand what kind of assistance to provide. This way you will know whether they are in your target audience before they start chatting with you.

Pre-chat survey form

Unlimited fields

You can create any number of fields for your pre-chat survey if you need your customers answer various questions before they start live chat conversation. Or you can just skip the pre-chat survey if you prefer your customers to jump into chat directly.

Customizable set of pre-chat survey fields

Various field types

Besides standard "Name" and "Email" fields, you can add custom drop down lists, country selectors, text and message fields to your pre-chat survey. With help of this information your team will see which conversations need extra attention.

Various field types available

Fast data access

Information collected through pre chat survey is not lost.During the chat conversation you can view it in the right panel of your agents app. After the live chat session has been completed, all details will be available in chat transcripts.

Pre-chat data in agent app

Immediate chat

Give your customers an ability to jump into chat with your team right after clicking the live chat button on your website. An option to skip pre-chat survey and start the chat immediately lets your customers get to chat with an agent without filling out the pre-chat survey and typing an initial message. Just click the chat button and you are in chat!

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