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Provide Support Live Chat overview

Provide Support Live Chat is a powerful customer support tool, which allows you to help customers instantly via live chat, see their navigation through your website in real time, guide them, and offer assistance proactively. See our live chat in action and get acquainted with some basic useful features.

Web live chat agent app and its features

Though we encourage our clients to use native desktop chat agent apps for communication, but sometimes it's not possible to install third party apps due to a company security limitations. In this case, we suggest to use web chat agent app. It doesn't require installation and works well with all modern browsers.

New updates in Provide Support live chat app version 7

What's new in agent app version 7? Dark mode, appearance settings, completely new design and many other features. We tried to implement everything our customers have suggested and recommended.

Provide Support Live Chat Statistics app overview

In this video tutorial you will learn how to use Provide Support Live Chat statistics module. You can monitor your chat performance on different levels, learn your traffic sources, get reports for any periods, determine most popular pages and much more!

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