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How many times have you been asking yourself whether using live chat as a customer support channel is secure? Or probably you’ve been asked about this by your customers? This comprehensive live chat security features overview will help you find answers to all your questions and provide explanations to those customers who have security doubts.

Secure connection

By default, secure connection is enabled in all new accounts. For existing accounts it can be easily enabled in the account settings. With secure connection enabled, all chat data is sent and received through an encrypted channel. Your clients will see a lock in the right bottom corner showing that the chat session is handled via industry-strength secure connection.
Secure connection option for live chat window

Secure chat transcripts and offline emails

Both chat transcripts and offline messages are emailed through a secure channel. Within 15 minutes after the operator has closed the chat session, a chat transcript is sent by email according to the account settings. Chat transcripts emailing option for clients can be enabled or disabled from the account settings. If the option is enabled, visitors would be able to request transcript sending by clicking special icon in their chat window.
Chat records and offline messages are sent through a secure channel

File transfer security

Sometimes website visitors send in chat malicious files which can negatively impact your network security. To protect live chat agents from downloading harmful files, you can restrict file transfer and allow sending only images or block unsafe files such as archives, executables or documents.
File transfer limitation

Chat protection from unwanted visitors

We added an IP blocking feature, which allows blocking either a single IP or the whole IPs range to prevent abusers from disturbing your live chat operators.
Additionally, to protect your chat code from stealing we added access restrictions by URL, so that you could create either white or black list of websites allowed to use your live chat account.
To prevent misleading customers from unsupported countries we added access restrictions by country, so that you could enable or disable live chat for specific regions.
Chat access restrictions

Privacy settings

To comply with General Data Protection Regulations we offer an ability to remove personal data such as IPs and host names from real-time monitoring, chat transcripts and offline messages. Additionally, you can add a consent text and checkbox to your pre-chat and offline forms. This way you will ask your customers to agree to your privacy policy before they start chatting with you.
Chat privacy settings for GDPR compliance
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