Web chat agent app - chat with customers from your browser, on any device!

The web chat agent application is a perfect alternative for the desktop client for situations when you cannot install any software on your computer, whether it's due to your company policy or any other restrictions.

Bookmark the web live chat agent app link to have it at hand when needed: https://op.providesupport.com/

Browser app for chat agents screenshot

Check how web chat agent app works in our video overview

Features you may find useful

Language switch in web chat agent application

The web app is available in several popular languages, and we can add more, just let us know. Moreover, the app is so smart that it picks up the correct language just based on your browser settings, if this language is currently supported.

Multiple chat sessions

The web agent app allows you to chat simultaneously with as many customers as you want to or can. Let it test your stamina and resilience! Chats get auto accepted as soon as you start typing in the text input field of the chat room. You no longer need to click any additional buttons!

File drag-and-drop into chat

The files can fly! Drag and drop any file into the chat area to share it with your customers. And if you need to share a screenshot, just paste it into the chat room from clipboard. No need to upload and download media files anymore, unless you want to save them for later viewing.

Image preview in chat

The web chat application makes it easy to view transferred files. The customer shared a screenshot, screencast or audio track? You will have a preview of it right in the chat text, no need to download it, unless you want to keep the file.

Chat transcripts sending from web operator console

You can send chat transcripts right from the web agent app. Whether it's the customer who asked for a copy of the chat with you or you need to share the information with colleagues, just enter an email and hit Send.

Visitors list in the browser operator console

The web live chat app allows to easily keep track of the visitors who are in chat with you. They are highlighted in green in the Visitor list, so you cannot miss them. It helps to quickly locate the customer's information whenever you need it.

The agent app supports internal communication between agents and makes it easy! The agent can start a chat with a peer or escalate the chat to another colleague who is more fit to answer a certain question in just a mouse click.

Proactive chat never goes out of fashion! You can invite current visitors to your website to have a chat, ask them if they need help etc. Don't let your customer service line stay quiet, let it roll!

The web chat agent app is a perfect tool to make your live chat agents' work easy and enjoyable. It is as crisp and functional as our desktop application, so don't miss on testing it out. Give it a go!

You can use the web app simultaneously with the desktop one and our mobile clients! Yes, exactly, you can be logged into the app and from the browser if that helps you work. You can mix up different tools to create a blend that is perfect just for you!