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Windows LiveSupportChatSetup-5.9.1.r170718.exe
Mac OS X LiveSupportChatSetup-5.9.1.r170718.dmg ¡Atención! Esta versión se puede instalar solo en equipos Mac basados en Intel.

En la nueva Consola del operador 5.9.1 se han introducido los siguientes cambios (en comparación con la anterior versión 5.8.2):

  • Customizable chat tab. Add information about your visitors to the console chat tab to keep valuable details at your fingertips.
  • "Freeze the list" function for Visitors list. Visitors list shifts each time a visitor comes to your website or leaves it. These shifts can be annoying if you'd like to look through the list and keep it fixed for some time. "Freeze the list" function will stop the list from shifting: visitors who left your website would be highlighted with grey color and new visitors wouldn't be displayed until the list is unfrozen.
  • General Info tooltip for Visitors list. No need to use a toolbar or context menu anymore, just place the mouse cursor over a visitor and wait for a while - a tooltip with all information the console knows about this visitor will appear.
  • Navigations tooltip for Visitors list. Check 5 recently visited pages by placing your mouse over your website visitor current page.
  • Redesigned Room Details tab. We rearranged fields and added more visitor details to this tab so that you wouldn't need to switch to other tabs to get detailed information about your visitors while chatting with them.
  • Room details export. You can now save existing chat room details as a text file or copy them to clipboard.
  • New tray icon. Redesigned tray icon will fit modern operating systems design.
  • Various minor improvements in productivity and appearance.
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