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Personal data protection is very important these days. Personal data expose over Internet may result in many unpleasant or even harmful consequences. That's why personal data protection laws were implemented by many countries.

Many website owners are facing challenges due to these laws implementation as they are forced to change their workflows related to customers' private data processing and to reconsider third party tools they are using to improve website usability and customer support.

For businesses that use any live chat widgets, including Provide Support live chat, this means that they may have to:

  • inform users that cookies are used by the chat widget and obtain user consent to use them
  • obtain explicit user consent before collecting any personal information through the chat widget
  • limit customer support agents access to users' personally identifiable information

From our side, we offer a number of options that will help you to protect your customers' data and comply with data protection laws:

  1. Add data processing consent to pre-chat and offline forms. Unless your visitor checks the box, it will be impossible to start a chat or send an offline message. This can be done on the Account Settings -> Privacy Settings page in your account control panel.
  2. You can hide visitor IPs and locations from the operator app, chat transcripts and offline messages, which can be done on the same page: Screenshot of live chat privacy settings
  3. You can block access to your chat widget to users from certain countries. This can be done on the Account Settings -> Block Visitors page in your account control panel.
  4. We can block access to your chat widget to users from certain smaller locations such as city, state, land, if you prefer not to serve them at all. This can be done by request through our support chat.
  5. We can also remove all session cookies from your chat widget and move the necessary technical data to browser's local storage instead. This will allow you to get rid of all Provide Support cookies on your website without losing any chat functionality.
  6. We can set up your chat window on your own custom domain. You can get more details about this feature at White label live chat article.
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