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Geo location map is built into the native agent app. It shows website visitors distributed on the world map in real time. All visitors are marked with red dots on the map. Such map helps to visualize visitors distribution and to see the part of the world where your visitors are most active.

World map with website visitors geographic distribution

The map also identifies new visitors, they have "New" tooltip. The time of displaying "New visitor tooltip" can be set in the app settings - Options / Geo Location. Those visitors who are navigating to different pages are marked with green circles. Additionally, the map helps to identify customers who are in chat with agents. For better visualization it is possible to add night shadow to the map, colorize time zones, show time and grid.

There are 3 main reasons why Geo location map is useful:

  • Visualization helps faster understand patterns which are not obvious with monitoring results displayed in a table
  • It is more convenient to analyze information displayed on a map, rather than in a table
  • By viewing visualized data, employees tend to come with useful ideas and share interesting patterns and insight

Your agents can turn the map on anytime by opening the Geo Location tab in their native agent app.

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